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Building foundations through dedication, people, innovation and growth

Goshenn HR, founded by Willorna Brock, believes that people are the key to business success. We empower a culture of well-being and person-centred development in the world of work.  Businesses rely on human creativity and dedication to innovate and continue to thrive in a fast-paced market. Therefore, creating a working culture that fosters psychological safety, personal growth and professional development for its personnel is fundamental.

Harmony and wholeness for business and people

Our overarching vision is harmony and wholeness for business and people. We do this by developing a working culture where the needs of businesses and it’s people are met, and nothing is compromised.

A business is a product of its people, and people’s lives are financed by their companies – they are inseparable. We believe that the world of work has the potential to provide financial as well as overall health and wellbeing to people.

People loving their work, businesses loving their staff and clients loving your business. This is why we are passionate and do what we do at Goshenn.

Our commitment

Goshenn HR has a strong commitment to supporting people development especially with early careers and wellbeing. Some of our work is outlined below.

Mentoring graduates

Mentoring graduates through Graduate Recruitment Bureau  https://graduatementor.uk/

Preparing young people for work

Supporting the Career’s leader at a London school with preparing young people for the world of work https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/volunteering/search/london-enterprise-adviser-network-0

Sharing ideas about wellbeing

Our Facebook group #TheNoDramaLounge where people can interact and share ideas about all things wellbeing  https://www.facebook.com/groups/236556220554679/

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We regularly publish articles on the latest news and information relating to HR, the World of Work, Careers and Wellbeing. We also hold events and webinars around job hunting and wellbeing tips to enhance your growth and development. Visit our Insights page to stay up to date on our news and events.

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