Empowering a culture of wellbeing and person-centred development

Businesses rely on human creativity and dedication to innovate and continue to thrive. At Goshenn HR, we create a working culture that fosters psychological safety, personal growth and professional development.

HR Advisory

We help small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve business success through people, and navigate the post-pandemic world of work.

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Career Coaching

We provide bespoke help and support if you are looking for work or need help with making the right career choices aligned with your values.

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Integrated HR solutions

We are the only HR consultancy in the UK that offers holistic coaching for change management, integrated with HR process development and training. Learn how we can develop a working culture to meet your business and people needs.

Why choose Goshenn?

Knowledge & expertise

Over 20 years HR experience from working in diverse industry sectors.

Learning and wellbeing

Creating an environment for people and businesses to succeed.

Pragmatic approach

Focus on real people solutions that will add value to your business.

Holistic coaching

Our solutions set you up for growth throughout your journey.

Flexible and adaptable

Bespoke advice and support tailored to the needs of your business.

Multilingual team

Knowledge of various languages, cultures and employment relations.


We have worked with a number of companies and individuals from various industry sectors and backgrounds. Read testimonials from clients who have used our innovative HR solutions.

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